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IG Mahavidyalay Naya Batadu

IG Mahavidyalay provides a comprehensive, integrative, and liberal education that encourages students to think critically and creatively, study across disciplines, express themselves freely, and interact with purpose in order to make a difference and improve the world. In order to experience self-transformation throughout their education and in the future, students are encouraged to examine ideas, undertake research, and focus on high-level beliefs and ambitions.

We put an emphasis on the students’ education and development. We provide a variety of services for the benefit of students in order to improve their learning environment. It is a growing environment for creative excellence since it also promotes athletics, music, and intellectual activities.

Message From Principal Desk

On behalf of IG Mahavidyalay, it is an honor and a joy to assume the responsibility of Principal, Graduation Studies. I am convinced that education is important to an individual’s and a country’s progress. It is a knowledge center that houses intellectual brilliance and greatness.We provide a Bachelor of Arts course for art students at our college, which is connected with the Jai Narain Vyas University in Jodhpur. Our high-quality education and great infrastructure can change students’ perspectives and inspire them to set higher goals while staying on track.

Mr. Manvendra


Our Mission

Our mission at IG Mahavidyalay is to provide an expanded educational curriculum that develops each student’s individual strengths and potential. We take a hands-on approach to achieve greatness. Our creative curriculum produces competent, hard-working, and intellectual individuals

Our Vision

We are committed to providing great opportunities for education that are attentive to our student’s needs, and enable them to meet and exceed obstacles as active participants in crafting the future of our country. We have a dynamic, relevant culture that motivates students to pursue a greater future. We are determined in our learning, imaginative in our thinking, and ambitious in our goals.

Our Objectives

  • Meeting the requirements of students by creating a learning environment in which they can achieve a variety of objectives.
  • Maintaining a high degree of ethics and performance in order to attain academic and career objectives.
  • Getting feedback from various parts of the campus and community.
  • Creating a learning environment where all students’ various values, aspirations, and learning styles are acknowledged and supported.
  • Encourage enthusiastic, autonomous thinkers and learners who are seeking personal growth through life-long learning.
  • Behaving responsibly at all levels in all situations.
  • Using cutting-edge technology to improve learning and prepare students for a lifetime of achievement.